05 Of The Best AI Personal Assistants

Artificial intelligence has been a popular topic among people for a long time. Their latest features have been able to astonish the computer and mobile users all over the world in last few years. Now, they are capable of performing several activities that can impress you. Here are the best 05 AI personal assistants in the world for your devices.


Siri is considered as the revolution in the process. She was introduced to recall the memory of a character from the Halo game and she is a popular character in all over the world. Siri was included in the first edition of iPhone. It was a good feature that the Apple Company had used for the marketing. People were waiting to see the performance of this AI assistant to get her service. Siri has achieved a huge progress at present. Siri’s limits have gone beyond the limits with the introduction of modified versions. Though her assistance was only available for the iPhone in the past, now Siri can be used from the other devices such as computers. In near future, Siri will be able to do much more things than telling the weather forecast or your plans.

Google Assistant

It is said that Google assistant used the features of Siri from Apple iPhone. But, it is a great experience for the users who are using android devices. It can tell you lots of things indeed. Weather forecast, NEWS, Plans, and you will be able to get a proper use from this AI as it has got the in-built GPS facility.  Not it has passed several updates and modified versions of this personality and it has got a wide range of answers for several questions you have. You might wonder that Google Assistant can remember some of the details.


After several failed efforts to create smart phones, Microsoft Company had to look back at the operating system. An AI was introduced for the users to enhance their desktop computing experience and the ultimate result was Cortana, a computer AI that can assist you for your day-to-day tasks.  Cortana can guide you to some search results, tell you about NEWS, Weather, Special days, and many things.


It is also such a program that can perform several activities. She can recall what you wanted her to remember, remind you some missing things, build a strong and a genuine conversation, and set some plans as well. She has got a thorough understanding about your apps and perform a quick access to those apps as well. Also, Bixby can capture a photo, send a message, and do simple activities for your voice commands.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is a hands-free speaker that can interact with many devices in your home. Even though it is a quite strange experience to you, entire world will depend on those devices for sure in near future. This smart device can do more things than hanging up with you in a conversation. The more devices are at your home, the more you will be in charge.

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