06 Amazing facts about Everest

There is a roof to this world. Unlike typical roof you have seen, it is capable many things. There are secrets and facts you still have never heard of this amazing roof. The Everest, world’s roof is a one of the places people like to know. Here are few facts about Mount Everest.


If you are a kid, you will need a particular answer for this question. But, the mountain is getting taller day by day. Many researches have been conducted and found that the Mount Everest’s height is getting high by 4mm per year. Even though it is a less value, you will understand its meaning when we are talking about a history which is billion years old.

A cemetery

Yep, it’s a grave yard on the other hand. It is said that there are about 200 dead bodies on the Mount Everest. Most of them are considered as climbers.  It has been really difficult to withdraw these dead bodies due to adverse weather conditions.  If you are a climber, you will not have to worry of this 200 number that much as the death percentage is just 4% for climbers.

Green Boots

This is such a name you will have to know if you intend to make an effort. This is an entitled name for a dead body. Though many people have no idea about this Green Boots, it is said that the dead body belongs to an Indian hiker who passed away when trying to reach the top in 1966.  His name is known as Tsewang Paljor who died in the hike.

Death Zone

This is also one of the places you need to know either if you are trying to reach the top or collecting important facts on Mount Everest. Death Zone is the place identified as the highest elevated peak on Mount Everest. Its height is 8000m from MSL.  The soft breeze flows in this area is fatal enough to call the death for a person after being exposed for few hours. So, this name has been attached to this particular place.

George Everest

Are you wondering how this place got its name? Yes, George Everest was the person who discovered this mountain in 18th century. Though there is nothing to be found on the mountain when considering its size, 18th century was a time when there was not much sources for this discovery. When there had been a heavy breeze that could make you frozen, George Everest had done a tremendous job for sure. So, the honor is all his.


There is not a runway for the jets or planes to land on the top. So, choppers have been an idea to reach the top for a long period. But, higher altitude with the coldness have caused many adverse factors to land on the top of the Mount Everest. It is said that the fuel gets in to a solid form in this level. But AS350 model chopper has successfully reached and landed on the top for a summit.

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