These strategies we’ll go through all the different ways that you can drive traffic to your platform, the best niches to be in as well as the best paying affiliate networks and platforms out there. I’m going to write you step by step how you can start building your own affiliate marketing business. 

The first step is to get your audience. A lot of people think like hey i don’t have a big audience. Right Now there’s no way I can actually get started in affiliate marketing. The truth is that almost everyone actually has an audience and if you think about it you have your own Facebook. That means you have a lot of friends on there and you are allowed to post on your timeline and when you do that other people can see what you post. So this is in itself a form of affiliate marketing. You might also have a personal website, an Instagram, a tick tock, a YouTube channel; anything where you have followers or an audience. This is going to make it possible for you to actually start affiliate marketing. The second step of starting your own affiliate marketing business is to find an affiliate network or platform. 

So what is an affiliate network?

It’s basically a platform that has a bunch of different companies and brands on it. Once you join that affiliate network you can actually apply to all these brands and companies in one spot. Then on that website you can track all your stats. You can see your referrals and it just makes it a lot easier than you know. Going out there and joining a top paying affiliate program and just sort of losing track of all of them. I will say that for beginners this is the first thing you have to do in order to get your affiliate marketing business set up. You don’t have to be a famous influencer for CPAnetworks or any affiliate marketing programs. You don’t have to have like 100,000 followers on instagram. As long as you have some type of audience you can start today with your own affiliate links. I’m not saying that you’re going to be extremely successful with a small audience in an affiliate network. But the key to any business is just getting started learning as you do it and then building your audience creatively. Amazon affiliate marketing, shopify affiliate, clickbank affiliate,  target affiliate program, fiverr affiliate, different affiliate networks, walmart affiliate program, clickfunnel affiliate,  high ticket affiliate programs, ebay affiliate programs, udemy affiliate are platforms for best affiliate programs to earn with affiliate marketing. Some of them include amazon associates commission junction partner stack and impact radius. 


Let’s talk about amazon associates. Because that’s one one of the top affiliate programs right now as well as Shopify affiliate program  which is another network that I find extremely good. This is a platform that you can literally just sign up for today and start doing right now amazon is not the best paying affiliate marketing network out there. It’s the most beginner friendly platform that you guys can join today. Anyone can share products that are available on to buy and have their audience purchase them. Like everyone can make content that relates to products available on amazon. You will be able to get a commission out of that.

The program itself is called amazon associates and if you just google it you can see. It’s the first link that shows up so we’re gonna click on that and just check out what this is. Amazon associates it’s one of the largest affiliate marketing programs in the world and it’s very easy to sign up.  You can just sign up today for the Amazon affiliate program and so there is really no requirement for like how many viewers you have, how many people see your blog or anything like that. And what this program allows you to do is if you have any products that you use yourself or that you recommend you can put your own customized affiliate links in the descriptions of your videos or post it on your facebook wall or just send it out to your email list whatever audience it is you have. You can send out these links that are tracked to your account. Whenever someone clicks on that link and sees the product that you have a link to and then they purchase it you will get a small commission based on the product type. You know the specific industry of that product. The really cool thing is if you set a link to a rice cooker or a computer and they click on that link but they end up purchasing something else you will still get a commission for that other product. 

Basically i think everyone has an amazon account. You just click sign up and use your existing account and amazon associates login. They’ll ask for what your platforms are like and what you want to do with the program but everyone gets approved. The only thing I will say is that you have to have a certain amount of people actually buy your products within a certain time frame to keep Amazon affiliate programs. If you don’t get three sales in the first six months I think that’s what it is. But don’t quote me on that then they won’t actually activate your account and you have to start over again. But really three sales in six months is not that hard. 

Now you are in your own amazon associates dashboard of your amazon affiliate account. This is where you actually find the amazon affiliate link for the products you want to put on your website or wherever it is. And have people click on the link. Let’s say I want to get people to check out ‘Rich dad poor dad’ which is one of my favorite books. Checking this out if you haven’t already totally will shift your mindset about money and you know everything like that. I looked up rich dad poor dad and here is gonna be all the products that match that search criteria. Click get a link here; you can click that or you can click here and it’s going to give you the link that you can just copy and paste. What I normally don’t use is the super long one. It just takes up way too much space. I will use the shortened URL for amazon affiliate links. Just click that and this is what you can copy and paste. You can also click the link and that’s going to give you some more advanced options that you can do for example you can do text in the image. You can change like the background color title color price color all that stuff you can make it text only. You can also make it image only 

A lot of different ways you can start promoting amazon affiliate network products to run top paying affiliate programs. Let’s try a macbook pro. These types of products give you some pretty hefty commissions you know because it is percentage based and if you have like three percent of a thousand dollars two thousand dollars. That can be a pretty sizable commission.New apple macbook pro 16-inch going to be 2149 and i don’t know what the exact commission is on laptops. But that’s going to be I think at least like sixty dollars. So really this is the most versatile of affiliate programs. Because you can literally find any type of product out there and it’s probably gonna relate to your niche and you know it makes sense for you to promote. And like i said before the product that they end up buying doesn’t necessarily have to be the one that you actually link to. If they click on your link to a macbook pro but they buy a different computer or they buy energy drinks or they buy a water filter you still get a commission on those products.

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