L.O.L. surprise SNOWLICIOUS Doll and Sister

This is the fourth installment of the pack and it is a surprise a swell. There are lots of variations in the dolls and this doll pack has given lots of inspirations for the girls. Occupational and professional dolls like 24K DJ & sister, cute dolls like Nova dolls and her sister, and the Snowlicious and sister have been a great experience as well a variation for the girls. L.O.L. surprise SNOWLICIOUS Doll and Sister have got inspirations with the snow and it is believed these two are a gift for the girls who live in snow falling areas. Though it is said so, there might be girls in deserts who love snow. So, there is not any barrier to the girls to use these two.

Like all other dolls, these two sister dolls have lots of accessories to add beauty to them. They are specific to these two as these dolls have been designed to the specific snow inspirations. White is the focused color and that relationship can be seen even in their bodies. Dresses consist of a pack with many clothes that needed to the people who live in cold regions in the world. This toy will be an educational toy as well. Because, it is helpful to kids to identify the needs of the people in the polls. Hands can be removed to ease the replace clothes, and the shoes come in shoe boxes to give a great embrace to the girls. The pack can be re-used as that is coming with hard materials. Even if your kid had so much fun with those, she will forget the feeling within few days. She will get a same impression after the next unpacking of this toy pack.  L.O.L. surprise SNOWLICIOUS Doll and Sister can be transported easily with the help of this pack as well.

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